Explaining 7 Different Types of Building Contractors

There are several types of building contractors working in the construction industry. Following, we are going to explain a few of the many contractors (based on their work). This will give you a better perspective about these contractors, the work they do and why you need them. So, kindly do take your time to read the following types:

this picture explains one of the 7 different tyoes of building contractors

General Contractor

General Contractor oversees a building project from start to the very finish. This might involve the creation of building from ground up or renovation projects. General contractors often consist of carpenters as carpentry encompasses activities of several other trades.


Electrician Works on almost every construction project. There is almost no building that is built without proper infrastructure for electricity. Electricians install breaker boxes, wiring or fixtures or deal with power companies to have grid power turned off so that new systems are hooked up safely. Electricians are involved in the installation of alternative and decentralized energy systems like solar, wind and geothermal.


A plumber is responsible for water systems in the building including connecting a house to a well or water main. Installing water heating equipment and building and maintain drainage as well as septic systems.

Heating and Ductwork

Heating and Ductwork contractors install and service furnaces, boilers and extensive piping and ductwork that they need to heat a building. Such contractors work in conjunction with electricians and plumbers, as their systems interlock.

Dry Waller

These contractors install drywall onto framing, tape, spackle, and sand the wall smooth. If the job site is rather busy, the Dry Wallers are called along with electricians and plumbers after the latter will complete their work. This helps to allow the work to swift without several trades stumbling over each other as they try to get the job done.


Finish painter starts their work as soon as the Dry Waller has completed sanding the wall. Finish painter price these finished drywall and apply finish coats to suit the need of their clients.

Finish Carpentry

Finish carpenter is more likely the final sub-contractor who works on the interior of a building finish carpenters install door and window trim. This also covers the baseboards and other interior trim which may include stuff as wainscoting and crown molding.

this picture shows one of the 7 different types of building contractors

Other Contractors

It depends on the nature of the job, other contractors can include pool builders, roofers, masons, landscapers, cabinet-maters, consultants for interior design and much more. Once again, it depends on the nature of the work.