Different Contractors Who Work Together to Assure the Project Completes Successfully

this picture shows one of the different contractors who work together to assure the project completes successfully

A construction project needs the services of more than one construction contractor successful completion. With that said, following we are going to name the most popular type of contracts who work together to assure the project completes without an issue.

General Contractor

Contractors take care of several tasks and positions of a construction project. The general contractor or main contractor has the final say in most cases. The main contractor takes care of several important tasks around the construction site. This even includes finding the right people to get the work done in a proper way. We had the opportunity to speak with a roofing company in Tracy, CA to learn more.

Important Contractors Working Together

They also take care of inventory, construction equipment and any that helps with the completion of the project. These contractors also know where they need specific subcontractors. These contracts have a network of their own which helps support the construction project. The general contractor can easily take care of the following things for you:

  • Building Permit or application
  • Security of construction site
  • Provision of facilities on site
  • Getting rid of waste properly
  • On-site personnel management
  • Surveying the site
  • Site engineering
  • Schedule monitoring

The general contractor is also accountable for the quality of work being done. Safety should be a top concern. General contracts are the primary contract but this doesn’t mean they are the only type of contractor you need to assure the project completes smoothly, instead you might need to hire the services of following construction manager.

this image shows one of the different contractor working together for a successful project

Construction Manager

This manager is usually hired during the design phase as they help the team to develop the project based on their rich experience. In some cases, the construction manager will start the construction phase even before the design process completes. Construction managers have to assure the needed information is present in order to start the project and keep it running smoothly.

Prime Contractor

These are a bit vague as they have several definitions. These can also serve as a synonym to the general contractor. They usually entertain large scale clients, especially for something in need of building or maintaining work regularly.

The relationship of a client with the prime contract is usually a long work as they work on several projects together.

Principal Contractor

They assure all the work completed complies with CDM regulations. This covers a wide variety of project aspects, all of them are related to health and safety. They monitor the process and help with planning and managing a construction phase. Also, they coordinate with the designer to stay on top of the project.